12 Saiten Heartland Trinity Harfe Walnuss


Our Trinity Harp 12 strings are equipped with 12 hard nylon strings from Dupont. The strings are colored according to the notes for easy playing. The body of this harp is made of solid walnut, the soundboard made of ash wood. Frame is engraved with beautiful design.This model of our harp is 21 inches high. The range of this harp ranges from Middle C to High C. This harp comes with an additional set of strings, a harp tuning tool and a gigbag for this harp.

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Muzikhausberlin introduces a 12-string harp, which is very popular with our customers. It is a functional harp with an engraved rosewood frame and, interestingly, a birch soundboard. It has 12 DuPont hard nylon strings with a range of F over Middle C to High C. There are no sharpening levers available. Muzikhausberlin offers you the option of receiving a tuning tool as well as an additional string set and a nylon gig bag as part of the deal. The manual is available separately. If you are interested, ask it when ordering. The 12-string harp has a height of about 21 inches.

EAN 13: 7426806019290 Product weight
4.15 lbs.

Length of the item:
19 inches

Product height:
6.25 inches Product width

11.25 inches


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