Heartland 5 String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Back and Geared 5th Tuner


  • Walnut body and neck with a natural finish
  • European spruce soundboard for a clear tone
  • Adjustable neck bar
  • Massive mechanics
  • Custom Celtic designs on the soundboard
  • Movable bridge for sound adjustment
  • The scale length of 648 mm
  • Including high-quality padded travel bag and extra string set
  • Vote: DADG (G2-B5)
  • Every banjo is checked in our showroom in Berlin Germany

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The heartland five-string country and bluegrass banjo comes with carefully selected picking and strumming string gauges for that bright country sound, this affordable 5 string banjo has mahogany-finished body and neck, with an aluminum pot, standard tuners.

Remo head is used on this banjo. It has a scale length of 670mm with 29mm nut width. Comes with a detachable resonator. Standard Recommended tuning for this instrument is (G, D, G, B, D). A hard case is also available for this banjo. (BNJHRDCASE).

The fifth string on a 5 String Folk and Bluegrass Banjo is usually the same gauge as the first string, as it starts from the fifth fret it is only three quarters the length of the other strings. This allows the string to be tuned to a higher open pitch than possible for the full-length strings.

The string pitches on the Bluegrass Banjo don’t proceed lowest to highest across the fingerboard. Instead, the fourth string is lowest, then third, second, first, and the fifth string is highest.


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