Heartland Wildwood Dulcimer Banjo 4 String Lacewood


• Body made of 13 massive Lacewood staves.
• Solid European spruce soundboard with laser-cut sound hole
• Lacewood neck
• Best quality in 4: 1 banjo style
• Fingerboard made of solid walnut wood.
• walnut bridge
• Solid spruce top with beautifully engraved rosette
• Scale length: 648 mm
• Recommend tuning from DADD.

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A dulcimer banjo is actually an Appalachian dulcimer that is modified by adding a vibrating diaphragm to the main body of the instrument. Such a change affects both the sound and volume of the instrument and works according to the active principle of the traditional banjo. Although banjo is an independent instrument based on a guitar, similar to a stringed instrument. With a round base as a membrane and the four to five strings attached it plays an important role. Here at Muzihaus you will find a great collection that defines your musical skills and artistic abilities.

The shell of our Heartland Dulcimer Banjo consists of 13 massive Lacewood staves. Neck and headstock are made of lace wood. Best quality 4: 1 banjo tuner for this banjo. Fingerboard and bridge of this banjo are made of walnut wood. The scale length for this instrument is 648 mm. Massive spruce top with beautifully engraved rosette. The frets are arranged like an Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer on a diatonic scale. Add to that the infamous “6 1/2” band just below the octave range, allowing a game in Ionian mode. It has four string curves, which are loop end strings: one wound string at the top, one unwound middle string and two unwound strings at the bottom. Many polls work, but we recommend the traditional DADD to make recording and playing easier. Comes with padded gigbag and extra string set.


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