O’Carolan Harp, 8 Strings Lacewood Celtic Dragon


• Muzikhausberlin O’Carolan 8-string top wood Celtic Irish harp
• Muzikhausberlin proudly presents our 8-string gift harp, which includes.
• A solid lacewood frame made of ash soundboard.
• Celtic dragon carvings
• 8 hard nylon DuPont strings
• Range C over Middle C to High C (1 full octave)

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Muzikhaus Berlin Harp, 8 strings of top wood – Muzikhaus Berlin proudly presents one of its best products, to 8-string harp. It is a solid string with Celtic dragon carvings, which gives a charming charm. It is about 15 “long and is used as a folk musical instrument, so it has 8 DuPont hard nylon strings as a normal design, a range of C over the Middle C to High C and no sharpening levers with thick wood called Lacewood and one Engraved frame is a nice addition, it is actually a handmade piece of music with a tuning tool and a gigbag.


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